Top Best Caterers In Goregaon

Catering Service In Goregaon East

We Provide Healthy,Hygienic,Tasty Catering Service For Event In Goregaon East,Film City,Dindoshi,Aarey Milk Colony,Royal

Palm Estate And Goregaon West Etc..

We Are Best Caterers In Goregaon East For Events Like Birthday Parties,Parties,Marriage Parties,

Corporate Parties Etc..

Top Best Caterers In Goregaon
Top Best Caterers In Goregaon

We Are A Food Consultant And Food Delivery Provider And we Provide Catering Service In

Goregaon East,Film City,Dindoshi,Aarey Milk Colony,Royal

Palm Estate And Goregaon West,Mumbai.

The Food That You Will Love And Remembers Taste And Quality Of Your Mom Or Grand Mom Made Food.

Book Your Meal Today To Enjoy The Best Food You Can Have Easily.

Roshni Super Kitchen Also Provides Top Best Catering Service In Goregaon East,Mumbai.

We Also Provide Catering Service By Food Truck For Events In Mumbai,New Delhi,Ranchi,Jamshedpur Etc..

Roshni Kitchen Founder Roshni Has Family Background Of Making Delicious Food.

She Has Spent More Than 15 Yrs Of Her Life In Cooking Experiment At Her Age Of 26.

As She Is Cooking Meal Since Her Child Hood And Appreciated By Each And Every From Family Member To Her Clients.

She Was Trained By Her Grand Mom And Then After By Her Mom At Home.

Roshni Never Went To Play Any Outdoor Games And Participated Only Rare Indoor Games With Her Brother And Sister.

Her Only Passion And Entertainment Was To Cook Meal For His Family.

So She Started Her Best Idea Of Catering Service For Event.

Now Her Goal Is To Reach And Serve Each And Every Who Are Missing Their Choice Of Food ! 🙂

Whether It Is Birthday Party Event,Any Celebration Events

It Is No More Regret Of Missing Your Great Food ! 🙂

Currently We Are Providing Catering Services In Mumbai,New Delhi,Ranchi,Jamshedpur.

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